College Programs and Impact

Blackhawk Technical College

Kristin Hesselbacher

Andy McGrath

To address emerging needs in the Information Technology (IT) sector in Rock and Green Counties, Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) has implemented strategies to improve pathways to IT programs and employment, and to improve retention and completion in our IT programs. The TAACCCT3 grant provides IT lab assistants who work with students and instructors in all of our IT programs to provide classroom support, open labs, individual and group tutoring and referrals to academic support and student services as needed, helping students complete their coursework and programs. The IT Outreach Specialist coordinates with local workforce development programs, job centers and area employers to ensure participants have the skills and training needed for job readiness. The IT Outreach Specialist  also focuses on recruiting, retention and completion in our IT programs for the target population, “soft skills” development including interviewing and resume preparation, and access to BTC services such as internships, advising and tutoring as needed. BTC will implement a competency-based computer basics course to enrich computer literacy skills for all students and create an IT career pathways guide that meets the needs of local students and employers.
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Chippewa Valley Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Jeff Sullivan

Chippewa Valley Technical College’s associate degree in mobile application development expands the mobile developer program to the River Falls campus. Participants in the career pathway-based associate degree will develop applications for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. We also have a software developer associate degree program. Participants in these programs develop technical skills aligned with information technology (IT) industry certifications and earn state recognized Career Pathway certificates after each semester of the program. Each year, Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) will run three IT Academies with our Workforce Resource partners. The target audience is displaced or underemployed workers who would like to explore whether mobile application development may be a viable career path for them. Students who attend one of the four-day academies will, at no charge, gain hands-on learning about software development, databases, web design and mobile application development, and earn one program credit upon successful completion. To assist adult/veteran/returning students, CVTC has enhanced Credit for Prior Learning options recognizing on-the-job learning so students can complete the certificate programs more quickly.
IT-Software Developer »
arrowsChippewa Valley Technical College IT Software Developer Career Pathway

Fox Valley Technical College

Jay Stulo

With funding from the U.S. Department of Labor’s TAACCCCT3 grant, the Learning Innovations Center at Fox Valley Technical College is enhancing the Wisconsin Adult Career Pathways website as well as working with all 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges and creating a total of 375 customized digital tutors to be used in Information Technology (IT) and basic computer skills curriculum. These Open Educational Resource items are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 and can be used by all Wisconsin Technical Colleges to enhance their IT courses as well as by the public.
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Gateway Technical College

Ray Koukari

Cheryl Ucakar

Gateway Technical College is offering training for the in-demand Microsoft SharePoint Applications Solutions Developer certification (MCSD) to deliver newly skilled workers to employers seeking professionals to manage Microsoft collaboration, web site creation and content management software. As one of the most broadly deployed collaboration platforms, SharePoint is rapidly evolving into an essential skill for anyone who wants to work in the IT Web developer field. This opportunity will help students build a solid foundation of Web programming skills using HTML5 with JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC 4 and demonstrate expertise at designing and developing collaboration applications with SharePoint. The curriculum promotes student success by providing hands-on, real-world experience coupled with strong technical knowledge and developing the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.
IT-Web Developer – SharePoint Developer »
IT-Web Developer » arrowsGateway Technical College Web Developer Career Pathway

Lakeshore Technical College

James Lemerond

Ed Janairo

Christina Skasa

The INTERFACE Project at Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) is serving both students and employers in the IT field. The project provides students with an additional credential in the high demand field of Health Information Management, and incorporates cutting edge technology in more classes. Upon completion of the credentials students will be better prepared for the workplace. LTC graduates will be familiar with technology utilized in the field and will possess the additional skills they will need to be successful. Employers will benefit from a highly skilled workforce prepared to fulfill the need for high demand fields in Health Information Management, Medical Coding, Pharmacy Technician, and Health Unit Coordinator.
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IT-Health Information Technology for IT Professionals »
IT-Health Information Technology For Clinical Professionals »
IT-Health Unit Coordinator »
IT-Medical Coding Specialist »
IT-Pharmacy Technician » arrowsLakeshore Technical College Health Information Management Career Pathway

Madison Area Technical College

Ken McCullough

Dane County is ranked #9 in the nation for Information Technology (IT) job growth and Madison College is taking steps to prepare students to meet employer demands for skilled IT employees. With funding from the U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT3 grant, we are boosting our IT course options and career pathways with an MS Office Core certificate, 1 year Help Desk Support Specialist technical diploma, 2 year Network Security Specialist associate degree, Incident Response Center, contextualized course work and student recruitment and support. Students can earn several industry recognized credentials including Microsoft Office Specialist, CompTIA A+, HDI Customer Service Representative, and Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician. The Incident Response Center, designed with employer involvement, simulates a network operations center giving help desk students practice in a “real world” environment.
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IT-Network Security Specialist »
IT-CompTIA A+ Computer Essentials »
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IT-HDI Customer Service Specialist » arrowsMadison Area Technical College IT Career Pathways

Mid-State Technical College

Mid-State Technical College

Gary Kilgas

Jessica Planer

In today’s industrial process and manufacturing world, more operations, production lines and systems are being driven by automation. Increasingly, that automation is tied to the organization’s Information Technology (IT) network instead of stand-alone software packages on equipment. To address the growing need for plant employees to understand those networks, and for IT professionals to understand automated production processes, Mid-State Technical College created the Advanced Industrial Process Control certificate. The five courses in this cutting-edge certificate are designed to be completed in less than one year. Students learn next level skills in Distributed Control Systems using hands-on equipment, understand how network related issues are solved and develop advance critical thinking skills needed to improve productivity. Individuals with this skill and knowledge set are highly valued.
IT-Advanced Industrial Process Control » arrowsMid-State Technical College Advanced Industrial Process Control Certificate Pathway

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Mercedes Fisher

Roy Vargas

Carriel Danz

Students at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) can start their educational journey in the IT Support Specialist program via the planned “Pathway” by starting with a certificate. Three certificates which may be stand alone or built upon one another are available. Certificates include: Service Center Technician (7 credits), Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Support Specialist (8 credits), and Level 2 – Service Center Technician (9 credits). MATC expanded this pathway in Fall 2015 to include two diplomas: User Support Technician (12 credits) and Computer Support Technician (27 credits) that students can take as stand-alone programs or build from their certificate coursework. Rounding out the pathway is the new Help Desk Support Specialist technical diploma of 42 credits. This technical diploma may be taken as a stand-alone program or build upon other options in the pathway. Students can obtain 24 credits through the certificate pathway, apply for entry-level work and continue their education. All credits obtained from the certificates will count towards a technical diploma that leads to the associate degree in IT Support. Not only can students obtain their associate degree at MATC, but we have several agreements with 4-year colleges and universities for articulation of associate degree credits to a bachelor degree. That means students can enter as a college junior at most campuses.
IT-Computer Support Specialist » arrowsMilwaukee Area Technical College Computer Support Specialist Pathway

 Moraine Park Technical College

Fred Rice

Anne Lemke

Moraine Park Technical College is helping to combat the skilled worker shortage in the Information Technology field by offering four new short-term, targeted certificates. The College is using funds from a U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT3 Grant to provide specific training necessary to create job opportunities at collaborating area businesses. The Content Management Systems Certificate offers students the opportunity to shape their skills in using content management systems to build websites. The Web Site Security Certificate offers students the opportunity to explore and examine topics in Information Security with an emphasis on Web sites and Web Servers. The iOS Web Application Development Certificate offers students the opportunity to design and develop web based iOS applications. The Android Web Application Development Certificate offers students the opportunity to design and develop web based Android applications. The coursework in all four certificates combines technical skills with creativity and equips students with the skills to compete in today’s industry.
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Nicolet College

Emily Stuckenbruck

Nicolet College is serving TAA, TAA-like, unemployed and underemployed students who are seeking to gain access to or advancement in the high-demand Information Technology fields. College faculty have modularized the IT-Computer Support Specialist curriculum to create three industry-recognized credentials within the Computer Support Specialist career pathway. Each of the new Technical Diplomas is aligned with industry certifications including CompTIA A+ and Cisco CCENT certification. The curriculum ladders to the Applied Associates Degree and is articulated with advanced training at the bachelor degree level. Nicolet’s sector outreach specialist is working with employers, local workforce development specialists and students to identify needs and coordinate services and training in the program. Telepresencing technology in Rhinelander and outreach centers allows for flexible, interactive instruction and student support services to be delivered to students throughout the district.
IT-Network Technician »
IT-User Support Technician »
IT-Virtualization » arrowsNicolet College Computer Support Specialist Career Pathway arrowsNicolet College Web Software Developer Career Pathway

Northcentral Technical College

Chris Severson

Through the INTERFACE Project, Northcentral Technical College has been able to expand in all areas of IT programming to include networking, software development, computer support and web design. This will greatly assist our community employers in filling IT related jobs. Embedded technical diplomas have been created for the IT programs allowing students a pathway to quicker employability and completion of an associate degree. Curriculum development has been a top priority along with student exposure to the latest software and supplies relevant in today’s IT industry. Technology in the classroom has been enhanced to allow more flexibility to students. Participants receive additional support through instructional assistants and additional instructors to assist in the successful completion of their program.
IT Programs at NTC » arrowsNorthcentral Technical College IT Program Laddering

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Julie Ebben-Matzke

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) is addressing the growing need for skilled IT professionals in its district by expanding course offerings, providing additional supports to improve student success, increasing internship opportunities, and establishing an IT Sector Alliance. As part of this project, Network Specialist and Computer Support program participants have access to an academic coach to help them in and out of the class, as well as an Academic/Career Advisor to provide career pathway guidance and improve job readiness. Additionally, students have virtual access to lab exercises through new equipment and software purchased with funding from the TAACCCT3 grant. NWTC is also working with industry partners, the Bay Area Workforce Development Board and other key stakeholders to establish an IT sector alliance to promote the profession and increase the number of people in the pipeline to meet workforce demand.
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Southwest Tech

Southwest Tech

Dr. Richard Ammon

Louise Bradley

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC) has created/modified two different programs. Supply Chain Management includes a 1-year technical diploma with embedded certificates in Materials Management and Logistics, which lead to an associate degree. The program will fit the needs of both students and employers in a variety of industries in our area including agriculture, manufacturing and information technology. In Information Technology, SWTC added test prep boot camps to help students prepare to take the certification tests needed for employment. To assist adult/returning students, SWTC has created a robust Credit for Prior Learning process and opportunities for students to quicken the pace of completion. SWTC is also implementing a basic skills computer course, in conjunction with the 15 partner technical colleges involved in this project, to assist students who are lacking in the computer skills necessary to be successful in college.
Supply Chain Management Associate Degree »
Supply Chain Assistant »
Computer Support Technician »
Network Communications Specialist » arrowsSouthwest Technical College Supply Chain Management Career Pathway

Waukesha County Technical College

Danielle Hoffman

Kim Ehlert

Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) provides an educational pathway for participants interested in pursuing a career in information technology – including enterprise network support, network infrastructure and cyber security. This pathway consists of (4) stacked certificates which lead into an embedded technical diploma and then directly into the IT Network Specialist associate degree. Students also have 24/7 access to the WCTC Netlabs environment for additional technology practice.
IT-Network Enterprise Administrator »
IT-Network Specialist »

Western Technical College

Tonya Wagner

Chad Dull

Gary Brown

Western Technical College’s Sales Management Career Pathway is a four credential pathway designed to equip the graduate with the interpersonal, professional and information technology skills necessary to be successful in a wide range of sales roles including Inside Sales, Outside Sales, and in Retail or Customer Service roles. The pathway consists of a Frontline Service Certificate, a Customer Service Certificate and a Sales Technical Diploma that ladder into a Sales Management associate degree. This laddered approach allows students to earn business recognized credentials that lead to jobs and, if the student is interested, to progress through the pathway to career advancement and qualifications for higher paying, higher skilled work. Courses are taught in the evening in a blended format and are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of learners.
Sales Management » arrows Western Technical College Sales Management Career Pathway

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Mary Ann Pebler

INTERFACE Project funding at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) is supporting the development of the Information Technology—Systems Administration Specialist (IT-SAS) program. This 2-year associate degree program also includes an embedded 1-year technical diploma option for Information Technology Network Technician. The IT-SAS program features coursework in emerging IT professional needs for expertise in mobile apps, cloud-computing, and ethical hacking. The INTERFACE funding is also creating a process for WITC to complete a basic computer literacy assessment and remediation process for the college and has refined the Prior Learning Assessment processes at the college. Finally, the INTERFACE funding is improving the partnerships between employers, Workforce Development resources, and WITC through the facilitation skills of our Career Advisement Specialist (CAS). Recognizing that nearly all employers have need for some level of IT skills, the CAS aligns employer needs with WITC coursework to ensure that graduates have the IT skills necessary to be successful.
IT-Systems Administration Specialist » arrowsWisconsin Indianhead Technical College Systems Administration Specialist Career Pathway arrowsWisconsin Indianhead Technical College IT – Network Specialist and IT – Systems Administration Specialist Pathway arrowsWisconsin Indianhead Technical College Industrial Automation, Controls and Networking Pathway