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Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials

Madison College’s Biotechnology Program

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is applied biology. Biotechnology methods allow us to use organisms to make useful products. Traditional biotechnology products include cheese, bread, wine, and beer. Modern biotechnology products include medicines produced in bacteria, gene therapies to treat illness, crops that are modified to be more productive or nutritious, and organisms that can degrade environmental contaminants.

What do Biotechnology program graduates do at their jobs?

Lots of things! Graduates of the program work in many different places and do many types of jobs. Some graduates work on research projects in public or private laboratories. Other graduates work in testing laboratories, and still others work in companies where they make products, do research, and perform quality control tests. Biotechnology graduates work in laboratories in universities, in government laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, food processing companies, molecular biology companies, agricultural research companies, and companies involved in plant and animal breeding.

What are the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Programs?

Madison Area Technical College offers an Associate Degree and four certificate programs in Biotechnology:

Click to view Madison’s Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Programs.

What are the employment outlooks?

Very good! The Biotechnology faculty receive continual requests for graduates from the program. Estimates show there are 150+ biotechnology and related companies in Wisconsin employing over 10,000 people. Many Madison area companies are interested in direct recruitment of students while the students are enrolled in the second year of the program. Some students are employed in laboratories in positions that become full-time upon completion of the program.

Visit Madison College’s website or contact the biotechnology grant coordinator, Allison Pappas, for more information.