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Basic Computer Skills Course

One of the most pressing needs for businesses in Wisconsin, as well as the nation, is for workers to have basic to advanced levels of information technology (IT) skills regardless of career sector. The Department of Labor notes that “In today’s global economy, advancement in technology applications extends across multiple industries, creating the demand for transferable, basic IT skills and competencies among new hires and incumbent workers at almost all levels of employment.”[1]

Even though computers seem to be absolutely everywhere, not everybody knows how to use them or use them well. That’s why a Basic Computer Skills Course was created.

Goal: Provide basic information technology literacy and skills training for people with limited computer experience. Those taking the course will develop basic computer operations and information technology skills and competencies needed for success in any of the Wisconsin technical colleges – and most jobs.

Cost: None, although if taken for credit through a Wisconsin technical college, tuition fees may apply.

Participants: This course is designed for Trade Adjustment Act-eligible dislocated workers, Veterans and other adult learners. It can be used by learning centers, job centers and other workforce partners, Wisconsin Technical College System colleges and anyone anywhere with internet access.

Structure: The course is constructed in modules, making it easy to customize it for varied participants and settings, providing the specific skill training necessary in a flexible format. It can be used to supplement existing computer literacy efforts or serve as a stand-alone course, and learners can use one, some or all modules.

Content: There are 11 modules, each addressing at least one competency. These modules consist of digital learning objects including videos and games specifically designed to promote learning through hands-on interaction. Performance standards and competencies were developed and approved with input from all 16 Wisconsin technical colleges and workforce development partners.

Outcome: After completing the full course, learners will be better prepared to operate computing devices, navigate operating systems, input data, create documents, use email, manage files, use the Internet and social media, safely manage personal data, navigate learning management systems and use college information systems.

Access: The complete Basic Computer Skills Course is available as an Open Education Resource. Go to www.Wisc-Online.com to access the course online or to www.skillscommons.org to download an “offline” version of the course. This course may also be offered through some of the Wisconsin technical colleges.

Contact Information: For more information contact Kathy Spada, Federal INTERFACE Project Manager Ph: 888.682.1747 / Email: spada@ntc.edu

[1]Department of Labor. Identifying and Addressing Workforce Challenges in the Information Technology Industry. Retrieved from http://www.doleta.gov/BRG/pdf/High%20Growth%20Initiative%20IT%20Executive%20Summary_final.pdf.